Please use these charts as a loose guide to find out the best size you should order for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Ring Size
General rules: order on the small side for narrower bands and on the large side for rings like our wide silk bands. A local jewelry store can help you find out your ring size in standard American sizing or you can send us a note, and we can send a ring sizer to you in the mail. Please keep in mind that sizing is not an exact science and hands change over the course of the day and over time. If your ring does need adjusting after you receive it, we are happy to size it within a ½ size up or down for no fee other than return shipping and insurance.



Bangle Size
Bangles are part of my heritage. I was gifted my first gold pair at 18 months and wear a thin 18k gold one every day and night. I believe bangles should be hard to get on and off and not fall over the hand but ultimately fit is a matter of personal preference. To ascertain the best size, press all the fingers of the desired side together and measure around the widest part of your hand. Or, if you have a bangle that you love and fits well, measure the inside diameter and we will match it. We stock our bangles in a size 2.5” inside diameter – a big small, a small medium. 



Chain Length
Chains are assembled in studio with our custom “s-hook” clasp. We are happy to lengthen or shorten chains as needed.